One of my goals has long been to be paid to work on a product that I can be personally enthusiastic about. I’m happy to announce that that goal has been realised. At the beginning of this week I started working at Devver. I’m incredibly excited about this job. When the founders first explained to me what it is they are doing, I immediately thought “I’d buy that!”. It makes me very happy to have the opportunity to work on something that I can really get behind. Not to mention working with a couple of sharp, fun guys whom I’m already learning a lot from.

I’m in Boulder with the Devver team until Tuesday, hanging out with with Ben and Dan, getting to know how they work, getting up to speed on the codebase, and ironing out our remote collaboration toolchain. After that I’ll be working remotely from home in Pennsylvania.

I’m looking forward to a lot of hard, interesting work over the coming weeks as I get ramped up. This job promises to be a challenging and rewarding experience. I can’t wait to see what Devver and I can accomplish together!