RVM Proxies for Common Commands? (Solved)

I posted this in IRC earlier but I thought I’d ask a larger audience:

(01:39:01 PM) avdi: So here’s my problem
(01:39:55 PM) avdi: My emacs is set up to run various Ruby/Rails-related commands within projects, e.g. “rake cucumber”, as a result of keypresses
(01:40:17 PM) avdi: However, when it runs these, it is invoking system() directly – no shell intermediary
(01:40:37 PM) avdi: Which means no directory-specific RVM environment
(01:40:52 PM) avdi: which means it pukes because there’s no system-wide rake command defined
(01:41:54 PM) avdi: I suspect this is a common problem. Is there a common solution? Basically I want to set up system-wide standard ruby commands (like rake) which delegate intelligently to the correct RVM configuration based on working directory.
(01:42:32 PM) avdi: I suppose I could write a shell script called “rake” which loaded RVM and then called rake
(01:42:56 PM) avdi: Just wondering if there were any shortcuts provided by RVM for this sort of thing.

Anyone else run into this need? Any solutions?

UPDATE: Josh Miller pointed me to a solution, at least for Emacs: use rvm.el. Works like a charm.