Breaking up init.el (Emacs Reboot #13)

My brand-new init.el has been steadily growing. Before I go any further, it’s time to break it up into manageable pieces.

I add some code to init.el which will load all elisp files in ~/.emacs24.d/init.d:

Then I go through init.el and pull almost all of it out into separate files in init.d:

I give a few of the files special name prefixes to force the order in which they are loaded. I want load paths to be set up before anything else, so I prefix that file with 00_. I want to defer keybindings until everything else has been loaded, so I use a prefix of ZZ_ for that file. Since the default behavior of directory-files is to lexically sort the file names, I can rely on file prefixes to determine load order.

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