Seeking a used MacBook for my mom

My mom has been nursing along an iBook G4 for many years, but it is finally showing signs of giving up the ghost. She could really use a “new” (to her) MacBook.

A little about my mom: she’s now in her fourth year “in exile”, living in New Jersey acting as a full-time caregiver for my grandparents (now just one grandparent). Her computer is pretty much her sole link to the wider world; whether it’s communicating with friends and family, staying way ahead of me (still!) in finding awesome new music, or, occasionally, writing poignantly about caregiving and other topics.

As you might imagine, hers is not a high-income line of work. Or any-income, really. So:

If someone out there happens to have an older model (but still functional) MacBook lying around collecting dust, and you’re willing to part with it for cheap or free, please get in touch. Thanks!