The day my gems disappeared

So my Rakefile kept telling me RSpec wasn’t installed.

“Rubbish”, said I. “It is clearly specified in the Gemfile</code>." [crayon-5b75499927c99128351764   lang="ruby" decode="true"   ]# :test do  gem 'rspec', '~> 2.14'  gem 'rspec-given', '~> 3.1'  gem 'capybara'  gem 'domino'  gem 'fakeweb'  gem 'vcr'  gem 'launchy'end# ...

Let’s ask Bundler.

Wait, what? Maybe I’m out of date.

At this point, had I paid attention, I would have seen a clue at the end of the bundle output:

Instead, I just noted with increasing perplexity the lack of any gems from the test[/crayon] group in the list of bundled gems.

Eventually I had the bright idea to read the documentation for bundle install, where I discovered that –without is a remembered option. Sure enough:

Obviously the reverse of –without is –with.

Silly me.

Turns out the correct invocation is:

(Note that the –without= option is deliberately left blank.)

Another one for the “blog this so Google will remind me the next time I make the same mistake” file.