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Emacs Reboot #16: Windmove

Emacs makes it very easy to split your workspace into panes of arbitrary size and shape. But out of the box it doesn’t make navigating the panes with only the keyboard very convenient. In this quick screencast I enable “windmove”, which makes it possible to switch focus to different panes using the arrow keys. EDIT: […]

Running Emacs as a Server (Emacs Reboot #15)

Unlike more lightweight editors, it doesn’t really make sense to run a new instance of Emacs whenever editing a file. Emacs is at its best when managing many buffers, frames, and windows from a single master process. That way you can easily copy and paste betweem buffers, search across buffers, pull auto-completions from all open […]

RVM.el and Inf-Ruby (Emacs Reboot #14)

With my Emacs config files better organized, it’s time now to turn my attention to improving my experience editing Ruby files. First of all, I want to be able to quickly and easily drop into an IRB session from the code I’m working on. First, I grab the rvm.el package from GitHub. This package is […]

Breaking up init.el (Emacs Reboot #13)

My brand-new init.el has been steadily growing. Before I go any further, it’s time to break it up into manageable pieces. I add some code to init.el which will load all elisp files in ~/.emacs24.d/init.d:

Then I go through init.el and pull almost all of it out into separate files in init.d:

I […]

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