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Required Packages (Emacs Reboot #12)

I’m keeping this configuration synchronized between two machines. For most changes simply pushing the change to my Emacs Reboot GitHub repo and pulling it on the other machine is all I need. But when the customizations depend on a certain package being installed, the configuration breaks on the other machine until I manually install the […]

Emacs Reboot #11: Line Numbers

Out of the box, Emacs shows me the current line number in the modeline, not the column number. And it doesn’t show any line numbers down the side of the page. Today I’m going to change that. First of all, I customize column-number-mode to be globally enabled. Now when I move the cursor around in […]

Emacs Reboot #10: Lorem Ipsum

Somtimes I just need some filler text. And it’s silly typing it out myself when I’m using a thermonuclear text editor. Via EmacsWiki, I discover lorem-ipsum.el. I toss it into my elisp folder and set up some autoloads so that it will be loaded when needed.

Now whenever I need some fill text, I […]

Emacs Reboot #9: Blogging

I really like all the features that WordPress gives me. But I hate writing blog posts inside of WordPress. I want to do all my writing inside Emacs! Ideally, I’d be able to write my posts in Org-Mode, and publish them to my site from within Emacs. That’s today’s project. First, I’m going to install […]

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"The three virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris" — Larry Wall

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