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Some universal code optimization rules

From time to time I have advocated for design approaches which value consistency and ease of change over raw operations per second. I realize that this strategy makes some programmers uncomfortable. So I thought I’d document some guidelines for optimizing your code.

Windows and PHP are snowballs. Respect them.

A young developer newly embedded in the enthusiast programmer community could be forgiven for believing certain truths to be self-evident: that most people use Apple computers. That most websites are written in Ruby, NodeJS or Java. That most tech jobs are at Internet app startups. The truth is little different:

Planning for the wrong kind of scale

Recently I wrote at length to my newsletter subscribers about some of the factors that went into my choice to move RubyTapas to a WordPress platform. Here’s a small excerpt from that letter: Programmers love solving problems. The corollary is that we also love making problems. When we’re faced with something which is obviously an old […]

A late-night rant about OOP and parametric dispatch

Update: this post was the product of an exhausted mind, and as such it misused terms, wasn’t well backed-up, and was generally incoherent. I’m withdrawing it until such time as I can articulate these ideas a little more competently. I’m leaving this note here just to explain the absence. Here, have a photo of a […]

The Inescapable Pragmatism of Procedures

Dr. Ben Maughan writes: At the moment I am rewriting some LaTeX notes into org mode to use in lecture slides. This involves several repetitive tasks, like converting a section heading like this

into this

Whenever I come across a problem like this, my first inclination is always to write a regular expression […]

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Virtuous Code

"The three virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris" — Larry Wall

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RubyTapas Screencasts

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Exceptional Ruby

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