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Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns

Another Take on Smalltalk-Style Controll Flow (SBPP #6)

The latest Smalltalk-to-Ruby translation in my SBPPRB archive is “Dispatched Interpretation”. It’s one of the bigger ones I’ve tackled so far. I’m not going to go over the whole pattern here; for that you’ll just need to buy a copy of Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns :-) However, one potentially interesting snippet is this one:


Declarative Keyword Parameters in Ruby (SBPP #5)

Reading SBPP has got me thinking about keyword parameters. Ruby doesn’t have keyword arguments, but it fakes them pretty well:

Which is fine, but it isn’t as declarative (and therefore not as self-documenting) as proper keyword arguments. Also, when using keywords to construct English-like DSLs, as we are above, we often would like to […]

SBPP #4: method Cascades

In Smalltalk, you can “cascade” side-effectful calls to the same object using the semicolon (;) operator. E.g.: If I understand it correctly, the semicolon is effectively a K-combinator or “Kestrel”. I am jealous. Sure, we have Object#tap, but that’s awfully verbose by comparison: (I’m using multiple taps in order to exactly mimic the semantics of […]

SBPP #2: Smalltalk Patterns in Ruby

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns continues from the introduction with a brief explanation of patterns. Some notable quotes: About leveraging commonality: “large-scale software re-use has not proven to be the answer”. A lot of the mid-90s OO PR centered around the idea that we’d all build our apps out of reusable off-the-shelf objects. As Beck notes, […]

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