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Temporarily disabling warnings in Ruby

I’ve been doing a lot of pontification lately. Time for some code. Warnings are a hot topic in the Ruby community. Some folks love ’em. Some folks hate ’em. What we can all agree on is that they do us no good when loading third-party gems in strict mode overruns our output with warnings we […]

“Exceptional Ruby” Now Available!

I am very, very excited to announce that the final version of my new eBook “Exceptional Ruby” is now available for immediate purchase. Originally born out of the realization that I had more material about Ruby failure handling than I could fit into a single talk, Exceptional Ruby has grown to over 100 pages of […]

Last Chance for Exceptional Ruby Beta

As you probably know I’m writing an eBook called “Exceptional Ruby”, based on my talk of the same name. For a couple of months now it has been available as a Beta release, as I work on adding the last few sections, tightening up the copy, and improving the PDF layout and typesetting.┬áThis week I’ve […]

“Exceptional Ruby” Video and Beta eBook!

Two weeks ago at Magic Ruby in Orlando I delivered a talk called “Exceptional Ruby”, about working with exceptions and failures in Ruby. ┬áPeople seemed to like it. I have two related announcements today: A self-made video of the talk is now available; and I am releasing a short eBook based on the talk. Here’s […]

Thank You, Magic Ruby!

Thanks for all the kind comments on my Exceptional Ruby talk! A few notes for those visiting because of the talk: References, source code, links to further reading, and yes, slides can be found here: Exceptional Ruby Notes. Please review my talk on SpeakerRate! If you just can’t get enough deep technical talks on Ruby […]

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"The three virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris" — Larry Wall

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Exceptional Ruby

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