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FPOO Chapters 2 & 3: Basic Objects in Elixir

I feel like I should start with a disclaimer: this post is not advocating building an OO system on top of an FP language. And anyway, the Elixir/Erlang “process” model is arguably a very OO system right out of the box. But this series is about working through the FPOO book, and the exercise that’s […]

FPOO Chapter 1 in Elixir

Exercise 3: add-squares First up, we have add-squares . Let’s write a test…

My Elixir version takes a list rather than a variable number of arguments, because Erlang doesn’t do the varargs thing. As for implementation…

Elixir is all about recursion and pattern matching. (Aside: I understand why it’s there, but that darn […]

Re-implementing apply in Elixir

Elixir already has a perfectly good apply . But FPOO suggests I try to write my own version, and why not?

This is considerably more verbose than the Clojure example in the book, without really seeming to add much expressiveness:

Perhaps an Elixir-experienced reader can show me a more idiomatic form. Although I […]

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