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New maintainer needed for NullDB

NullDB, for those who don’t know, is a null backend for ActiveRecord. Unlike RSpec’s stub_object, rather than raise an exception on DB access, will NullDB DB interactions simply become no-ops. This is handy for things like testing after_save hooks in isolation. Myron Marston has done a stellar job shepherding it┬áthrough the Rails 3 transition, but […]

NullDB has a new maintainer

I am very pleased to announce that Myron Marston has taken over as maintainer of the NullDB project. The official home for NullDB is now: Since I began the maintainer handover process a few weeks ago Myron has done a tremendous amount of work bringing much-needed updates to the project. Among other things, NullDB […]

Looking for a new NullDB maintainer

I love Open Source. NullDB, a weekend hack that I barely touched after its first version, continues to attract periodic forks and patches. For a long time I’ve been meaning to sit down and roll in all the contributions that people have made over the last couple of years. But I realized something yesterday. I […]

NullDB for DataMapper

The first Ruby library I ever released, and still the one I get the most emails about, is NullDB. NullDB is an ActiveRecord database adapter which simply turns every database operation into a no-op. It is useful for speeding up tests which don’t rely on the database, as well as verifying that they are, in […]

Virtuous Code

"The three virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris" — Larry Wall

Books and Screencasts

RubyTapas Screencasts

RubyTapas Screencasts

Small plates of gourmet Ruby code.

Confident Ruby

Confident Ruby cover

32 Patterns for joyful coding.

The Making of

Confident Ruby cover

Watch me build an app in Sinatra and Rails

Objects on Rails

Objects on Rails

A developer notebook on applying classic Object-Oriented principles to Ruby on Rails projects.

Exceptional Ruby

Exceptional Ruby

The definitive guide to exceptions and failure handling in Ruby.