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Daniel Spiewak on Monads

Anyone trying to understand monads will inevitably run into Haskell’s IO monad, and the results are almost always the same: bewilderment, confusion, anger, and ultimately Perl. via Monads Are Not Metaphors – Code Commit. A thoroughly enjoyable read, recommended.

Languages I Want to Learn

I’ve fallen off the wagon of late in learning “a language a year” (as The Pragmatic Programmer advises). I have a long list of languages to learn, but I thought I’d try and narrow it down to a top five. Here goes: * “Io”: – the more I work in OO the more I am […]

Pimp My Library

Via Exploring Beautiful Languages: the Pimp My Library pattern. Observations: “Pimp My Library” is way cooler than “Decorator” or “Wrap Class”. I really want to spend some quality time with Scala.

Virtuous Code

"The three virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris" — Larry Wall

Books and Screencasts

RubyTapas Screencasts

RubyTapas Screencasts

Small plates of gourmet Ruby code.

Confident Ruby

Confident Ruby cover

32 Patterns for joyful coding.

The Making of

Confident Ruby cover

Watch me build an app in Sinatra and Rails

Objects on Rails

Objects on Rails

A developer notebook on applying classic Object-Oriented principles to Ruby on Rails projects.

Exceptional Ruby

Exceptional Ruby

The definitive guide to exceptions and failure handling in Ruby.