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Installing Elixir on Ubuntu 13.04

I just installed Elixir and there were one or two non-obvious points. Elixir requires Erlang OTP 16, and the Ubuntu package repos contain release 15. So the Ubuntu Erlang packages won’t cut it. Instead, install Erlang from the Erlang Solutions repository. Add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list (GUI: from the Ubuntu Software Center: Edit->Software Sources->Other Software->Add…). […]

Don’t Buy Parallels Workstation for Linux

So I have this video project I’m working on. There are many things a Linux workstation is great for, but editing video is not one of them. I’ve tried a half-dozen different Linux video editing programs and they all suck. Since I didn’t have a spare machine with video-editing horsepower lying around, I decided that […]

Emacs Reboot #2: Startup

After compilation completes it’s time to give the new Emacs a shot:

It starts up successfully, and makes a valiant attempt to load my existing Emacs configuration. I notice some warnings about missing Gtk3 modules in the output:

The first is easy to fix:

The second I can’t find an immediate solution […]

Leave it to java

After what felt like thousands of years of font purgatory, fonts have more or less been completely ironed out in modern Linux desktop systems. But that’s not going to stop Java from mucking things up. Start with the fact that it’s apparently unable to recognize OTF fonts, only TTF. Once you get over that hump […]

Daemonic Emacs

Emacs is many things, but lightweight is not one of them. You don’t want to be starting a new Emacs process every time you edit a file, especially if you have an extensive set of customizations and extensions being loaded by default. If you’re using a recent version of Emacs and you’re not using its […]

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Virtuous Code

"The three virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris" — Larry Wall

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